Map of me: final logo

I developed a logo before even started to create the app. So, when I started to design the screens for my chosen device, a smart phone,  I had a big problem with fitting a squared logo into a rectangular screen. It didn’t looked good and it didn’t fit and integrated with the rest of the app.

Initially, I was using the logo as buttons, to better integrate the visual identity into the app, but as I went along, that clearly wasn’t working. The app didn’t need those buttons, and at the logo didn’t work well as buttons, as it didn’t indicated clearly one direction.

I knew I had to integrate the logo better, since the reason for its existence was the branding of the app. It had to be something that could have a strong presence, without disrupting too much. But I think that what make me change the squared logo, that I liked and was constructed with strong connections to the  brutalist architecture ( squares and rectangles, bold big geometric shapes aligned and organised inspired by the Trelick tower double towers. But at the end, the logo shape had to be dictated by its use in the screen, where he would exist. Following a bit the shape follows function logic.
So I start to play around with the lettering of the squared logo, and how they could fit in a rectangle in a logical way.

Now the MAP OF ME lettering fits inside the rectangle, divided in two parallel rows.





Map of me Typography choice

At the start of this project I was convinced that Gill Sans was good type for this app. Theoretically it is, and visually it could if well.

I knew I wanted a type from the beginning of the twentieth century, sans serif, as geometrical as possible. In order to align with the buildings portrayed.

But I came across Futura whilst visiting the Barbican. It made much more sense, it is more geometrical, less detailed and the bold font, for me translate to type the brutalist feel, without being to bulky, illegible or cartoonish.



Map of me: initial development


My map will display 3 or 5 brutalist buildings, in a virtual, visual journey.
The focus on brutalist buildings is derived of the alignment of my thoughts with the modernist movement. (The idea came to me after my first visit to the Barbican, to see Bedwyr William’s exhibition at the Curve). ..But also from the preconception people have toward those buildings, for lack of knowledge about their purpose. I thought they where ugly once too. And, if someone as stubborn as me can learn, so can an eventual app user.

I plan on mixing photography with collage, creating bold colourful shapes, based on details found on those builds to warm up the viewer. Then the “plot thickens” and the building starts to reveal itself, the collage starts to loose space for  the photo.
I’ve decided to use collage because its a method that allows me to easily create the most simple shapes and alter them with much flexibility.


Map of me: App development

The part that I struggled with more was the app itself. How to design a brutalist app?
Minimalist?  Bold?  How to keep it simple, but still user friendly?

So many questions. Honestly I think the research I’ve done on apps and galleries didn’t helped that much. And its hard to integrate the materiality of the buildings to the screen. But here are a few screen shots of my app.

I have to change a few things to make it more user friendly, to make it clear that the background have paper texture. And overall lighter but without loosing the brutalist feeling, and design the image page without the bar at the bottom.

As I looked to the images I notice that the app is too grey, maybe in need of a pop of colour, to also agree more with the collages, and well…the city.




Map of me: Collages

For each building the process was the same:

  1. Visit
  2. Visualise all the pictures
  3. Choose the best ones
  4. From there, select the ones I think will show the: Building Details, Concrete, Interesting Shapes and Overall aesthetics.
  5. Print the images
  6. Play around with sketches, paper and photos  in order to build a good image.
  7. Grab the knife and open the glue.

See a few:

Map of Me: Photos

To build the app, I had to visit each building to get to know them better, really see them. And the take pictures. ( see bellow a bunch of them, but a small percentage all the photos I took).
The visits have been really fun, and gave me an opportunity to live the buildings a bit more, see who talks around, who works there… How the building is used.

So far, I have the Barbican, Minories Car Park and Southbank. I’ve been thinking of adding the Trellick Tower, which is only residential and completely different from the Barbican. I guess for the lack of restrictions, the residents have a strong visual presence, the balconies are filled with personal belongings and each one has a different identity.

Map of Me -new logo and process


I wanted a new logo for this project. I did a mind map, and started to draw a few shapes, but then realised that the drawing process wasn’t working for me. So I decided to play with  collage, since its one of two processes Im using to compose images for the app. It gives me more flexibility and easy to create shapes by just moving pieces of paper around. Then I transferred those shapes to Ai and played around bit, added Type…colour..
And here it is:


Map of me: The beginning


(Photo taken by me at the architectural tour of the Barbican complex.)

This projects aim to illustrate my experiences in London.
I’ve been living here for about an year, before that I lived in Lisbon, Portugal and Florianópolis, Brazil. I only had been here twice for a few days before moving in. The city still surprises me, and I guess that will never change. My background, (city wise), although  from two different continents its very similar, the Portuguese culture, language, religion is rooted and was the pillar for Brazilian culture to develop by its own.
Moving here was one of the hardest and most positive decision I’ve made. I arrived without any practice with creative studies, in fact the last time I had art classes was a decade ago. I did not have a style, and only a brief understanding of what that was. I’ve studied business for 2 years before realising I needed something else. I figured it out, and packed my bags to join the madness.
In the first year I learn so much in CCS. It shaped how I looked at images and the world around me. Mainly, I felt in love with Modernism. Having a right-winged education at home, and being a former business student, I initially felt like I was falling into the socialist-communist cliché of the art student. But after some relfection  I understood what I liked about the movement: their interest in improving peoples way of living through design ( well, architecture..) And the mantra ” forms follows function” . It sounds very honest, straight-forward and even philosophical  to me. Every element has a reason to exist. I quite liked it, and made sense to me in a deep way. From that moment on I started to analyse every(building, advertisement, logo, magazine)thing … looking for decorative elements, or things that didn’t had a reason to be there…And slowly started build my taste and style in this big city.