Neat Market Ready & Kickstarter: The end


Today all groups presented at the accelerator for the last time. Was very cool to see the evolution of all groups, how they changed their brands, or even changed their products completely. There was some great ideas, I would definitely match something with my little Ted. ( I did already, but nothing really fun or cool ).

Also was nice to be a part of Neat for this time being, we all where very lucky to work with really cool and hard working colleagues. I think was one of the few times I enjoyed working as a team.

This entire Neat experience was one of a kind for me. Although I wasn’t the most involved in the design process,  I think we all contributed for the final result, somehow.
Oliver and Lisa where the two members who putted more hours into this 2 projects, and without their commitment Neat wouldn’t go far. Carlos was the “reflective” one, always stepping back and really thinking our decisions into the last detail….and the master at presentations.
Kyrle made the coolest page designs, and made awesome vector illustrations. Totally Neat.
Marius was a superstar at printing tote bags, he was unstoppable…It’s not only about the design, but the execution also requires loads of energy… I think he should do screen printing more often, for sure.

Ricardo and Sara also where super supportive, way beyond their teaching obligations.
Their presence there, at the Market day was so important, and Ricardo made an amazing video that allow us to remember the Sunday Up Market.

Doing everything from scratch, going to the Market, then setting a Kickstarter campaign was an amazing experience. I wanted to have my own business for a while now, and this project was like having a small one for a few months.

Thank you, to all mentioned above, and to all colleagues who came to visit us that Sunday!






Kickstarter: video making 

For the presentation we had to do a video, and it was cool  working in a story board as a team. Then, for the stop motion process, that I worked on with Lisa… taugh me that stop motion making is  much faster when there’s an extra pair of hands. Then, I was able to be around to see the development in AE by Lisa and Oliver and definitely made more more aware of the possibilities, and more willing to learn to work there. 

CIP : Kickstarter – research / reflection 1

Going through the Kickstarter website looking for products related to Neat was a hard task, since I stumbled across so many cool things, and got distracted from the task.

Analysing the Notebook and Sketchbook offers, I realised that, our Neatbook really could stand out.

The Neatbook USP is the personalisation feature. I’ve seen several notebooks with different pages, but none that allowed the user to choose the pages design, or cover.

Of course, now its just a prototype. We would need time to work on it. And I think for it to succeed we needed a strong service aligned to it. Good website with online sales, a subscription feature…then it could work.

I also realised that the stationery section is under CRAFT, and not Graphic Design. Major problem. Our Neatbook is handmade, but runs away from the Crafty department. That was something we set on meeting one.