Engage: New Story board

After working on Pastiche + walk through video for map of me + explainer video for engage + kinetic type video in the last few days, I feel like I need to redo the campaign video. To align it with the explainer video, because I shoot the campaign in landscape, and it should be on portrait. Theres no way I can place it properly on the screen I planed. And also, because I finally realised I need to add text to it, give it context etc.. better later then never.

I’m not sure it will be done by Monday, considering everything else I still need to do, but I’ll try.




Engage: campaign video

After revisiting the explainer video, I feel like I should do the campaign video again, But I suspect I don’t really have the time for it. Its a hard decision to make, what to spend my time in on the next few days. I have a storyboard defined, based on the stop motion I did,  what is already part of the work done. Now that I’ve worked on Ae and did a few films I’m happy about, I feel more confident to work on the campaign again.

It is always hard at the end of the year and look back and see how things could be different. But I guess I had a long journey with this project specifically, changing so many times the concept, I’m glad at least I was able to structure a campaign that makes sense to me and my work.


Engage: explainer video redone.

I thought my explainer video was done. But it wasn’t, and I get why. Its missing the final outcome in sitio etc. I’ve been running away from After Effects the entire year, from fear or lack of time. Or both. It’s clear that I’ve wasted a lot of time, and could have learned to use it way back. And I see how that would affect my projects outcome, but also development. Working with it in this last few days have been really interesting. And I really have to develop my skills further.

I enjoy making motion work, and have been working with stop motion so far, but the AE would take my work to another level of professionalism.


Engage: my favourite DOOH campaigns – research

Netflix Valenties Day Special 

Netflix made a Valentine’s day special, and the Campaign is the story of how Santa Claus asked Michael Bolton help in order to increase the number of babies born until Christmas, to match toy supplies.

I like the campaign because it has a good narrative behind it, and the visuals bring humour, to a very tense date. Engaging beyond the typical valentine’s day fans.



Crust Pizza brings Beats to the Street:

This campaign is very interactive. It mixes touch with sound. And the persona is transformed into a DJ. Having fun whilst looking at pizza. Win win.

I noticed, that my favourite campaigns, DOOH or not, are the ones with humour, or a very light, and positive approach.

Off all the DOOH campaigns I came across on my research, the ones that truly captured my attention where for the interesting concept, visuals, or the positive feeling it left. Not how the technology was used, if it allows touch, or responds to movement, or eye gaze. I think is important to note that. Today, while the DOOH is a novelty, the use of technology as a artifice to call attention might work, but with the propagation of the DOOH, that will not work anymore. It will be harder and harder to stand out, as it is today with printed campaigns.

Engage: Positive Development 2


Opening the sketchbook, reading my google slides and focusing on the essentials of my research and  my own ideas with honesty…without trying to imagine any visual outcome, was the best step.

I want charity to be a positive experience, the campaign…everything.
So I written POSITIVE in a A3 double spread, and made a map of key words

Share energy

think positive – > think charity
Do good – > feel good

All of these words helped me to guide the campaign from this moment forward. And it all started to fall into place. After weeks of not going anywhere, in one afternoon I had colours, slogan, movement …

What I’ve learned so far is… that I have my own working process. That I only start to identify, and that I need to respect it, so that I don’t waste so much time being lost next time.  I’ve also learned that, it is good to know how to use technology, but that the key concept and work should not be dependent on softwares or anything else besides what our own believes, informed by research and reflection.

Now I value my sketchbook way more.


Engage: Why I choose charity

We had a great and inspiring presentation by Grand Visuals to start this project. After the talk I started to think, what would I like to change? What social change would I like to see? Well, theres so much things needs to change.  I think anyone who asks themselves this question is up for longs hours of though and doubt.

First I though of the fashion retail industry, and the amount of clothing we produce, buy, throw away. Then the conditions in which people work, then the ecological impact of our way of living… then child labour.
I started to read about it, came across essays about it, from UN, several NPO…then I found Apps tracking which companies are being conscious, which aspects are good, or bad.

I noticed, that there are people fighting, trying to make a positive change all over the world. Studies are being conducted, even if we don’t realise, things are slowly improving.   And, if it wasn’t for our ability to gather into NPO, the efforts to change would be difused, and change would be much harder.

So, the idea to do a DOOH campaign for charities started to sound good. I had an idea that charities needed to update their ways into digital marketing, and I really don’t like the inducting-guilt TV campaigns, or the cold-calling system. So I decided to start researching about it, and see where I could take this.


Engage: development on research

The initial research phase, was about the charities campaigns, and how they engage with donors. I came across to a nice marketing essay by the Gates organisation, that helped me to better understand the costumer behaviour ( in this case, donor behaviour). The different kinds there are, what brings each group to donate, and key aspects of their decision making in the donation moment, such as amount, choice of charity… But also clarified the relationship between the  charity organisation transparent, effectiveness and the donor willingness to donate.

At first, when I presented my idea for the class, the organisation transparency issue, where the money goes etc…seamed like a big deal. But after reading the essay, I realised that the emotional, values and social appeal influenced the donor behaviour much more than the organisation financial transparency and efficacy.

It was clear that my campaign should have a more emotional appeal. Than for example, portraying data about the financial success of the NPO.

So I realised, the ultimate goal was to “rebrand” charity.


Engage: Development – Explainer video

Click here for the youtube link (video with audio)






Video narrative:

“The aim of this project is to inspire social change in the local community. Considering the power of google products.

I choose to change how people perceive charity.

The first step was the research. And it was all about understanding donors behaviour, getting familiarised with charities campaigns, regular campaigns and what is going on on the Digital out of home sphere.

The development phase was long, and the hardest phase was to come up with a good concept, one that is aligned with my idea of charity.

The outcome is a serie of screens, focusing on positivity. How charity is all about that, and doing good.When the viewer is engaged through touch, he is already part of the change, and therefore, the charity rebranding has started.”


I needed to present a starter video, but the day before the presentation I didn’t even have a concept defined. So I opened the sketchbook and started to work.
I needed a story board for the campaign, and for the explainer video. I did the first one, did the videos explaining the campaign basic works…Using collage, paper and stop motion. Three image making methods that I control a bit better than Ae or Premier.
I believe that, as I was working on the explainer video, several ideas came along, for the actual campaign. It aloud me to explore a bit more the concept. And I will apply that new knowledge for the final campaign.




Engage: Think Charity

I turned the campaign around positivity, and choose to start working with 2 colours that represent energy and positivity for me: Yellow and Orange.

The campaign will work around 2 main phrases, the two bellow:


I’ve done stop motion films, showing how the campaign could work…the colours don’t really match,  but the main idea are there.


The screen action should be activate by the user touch. What I believe the best way to engage the user, it is the next step after reading the text and keep walking. So when the user is tempted to touch the screen, the attention is caught. Then, a short text appears and since the user is already close, and paying attention, the text will have much more impact.
And, as energy drives movement, the touch makes the slogan change. The slogan is, in a way symmetrical, what gives numerous possibilities for it to move around and morph. Given me possibilities to present the text in a much more interesting way.



Engage: Positive Development

Last week I had a chat with Sara, I was working with concept S2, struggling to make the motions, and thinking about the words that would appear on the screen.

She recommended for me to focus on the actual word that would appear on the campaign, since I still hadn’t define them.
Taking time to think about that definitely helped me to clear  my mind. Focus on what was the core of my campaign. Take a step behind and go back to the sketchbook to see what happened.

After reading my google slides again, I realised that the focus of this campaign should be “Positiveness”, not coolness. Finally it was clear, since what I’m most adverse about the usual charities campaign is their negativity.

I really think that working on the slides + sketchbook has been confusing, and I should focus on the sketchbooks first, work  things out there and then do the slides, or open any software.