Movements: Printing issues

I tried to print the outcome today at Britania and at Uni. Britania wanted 20£ to print a A2 double sided….since they don’t usually do it, they needed time to experiment and bla bla bla. .. SURE.
I’m really starting to hate print shops, this last few weeks have been filled with traumatic printing experiences.

Uni asked for 6£, but it looks awful. And to make it worse, as I was walking home the print got wet by 2 drops of rain and basically melted away. It’s like my work was wearing cheap make-up and started crying.

So, I’m glad I tried this today, so I can go print somewhere else tomorrow first thing in the morning to still make the deadline Monday.

I’m glad this project was short, and somehow we are managing to do it whilst finishing everything else, what gave this last few weeks an extra pump of adrenaline. Maybe the colour pallet had a bit to do with the stressful moment and environment I’m living in.

But overall I enjoyed working on it, of all the 3 engage projects. It was more connected to the real world and it had some manual work involved.





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