Movements: Outcomes explained

finallayoutfinallayout2I cleverly decided to open Hoffman’s Graphic Design Manual, ( that I bough last year, but only now reaaally had a good look at it.)

It was interesting to see the dots and lines evolving into concepts. It reminded how much I like to be amazed when looking at simple images representing complex stuff.


Images explained: ( first image – At the top, from left to right )

1.Circles, definitely influenced by Hoffman’s book. The circles fill a grid created by a piece of Swiss furniture I came across in my research.

2. The typographic composition in black is informed by the letterpress workshop, it used the layout created there, but instead of using the scanned and worked on Ai version, I recreated it from scratch digitally.

3. This layout is inspired by a concrete famous chair, by a swiss architect of the XX century. Also found in the research phase.

4. & 7, Screen print outcome, basically as it looks on the real world. Nothing done.

5. A design specifically for the cover and back, inspired by the layout workshop. Here I focused on the work done in posters, the classical 2 tones type, and a reflected image, to give a stronger emphasis on grid layout.

8. Poster: this image was made from a  print screen of the kinetic type video. The video is black and white, but I adapted the colours to fit in with the rest.



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