Collection: An overview of development

The development of this project started very late, as I said on the last post.
I remember that by the time we had the photography tutorial, I only had work from the first dialogue project done. I had no idea about what to do with engage. As I said, I’m always running behind. Sometimes I don’t even know where I’m running towards. ( graduating for sure, but that’s how detailed it gets.)

I waited, and waited for something to happen. And it did, we receive the handout check list. ahah

I went home, gathered and digitalised everything I could, thinking it was a good start. It was a start for sure.

As a sat on from of the computer and opened Indesign to work on my master page, I realised my grid wasn’t gonna work. Since I had a lot of images, a lot of development, and later screen shots of videos.

I worked it out, made a simple grid, 3×3. Started adding pages just for the titles and descriptions, so I could have pages with only images…to make it look better I think.

Making 1 page with only one image is something I really enjoy. No words, no descriptions. Juts an image to enjoy. Without any attachment to context or reality.

Working on the setup to have 1 right hand side page with the title, and nothing on the back, was a hard task. The printing test I did at home was a disaster.

And after my talk at the printing shop (1) I was so stressed, I tried to make sense of the printing process…but gave up. I though I needed to let it go, everything looked fine before, I checked everything a few times.
So, when I went to shop 2, I asked a lot of questions, but didn’t ask to make a quick test, didn’t think of going back home, and doing another test, didn’t think of asking for help.

So, a few title pages are on the wrong hand side…after noticing this I decided to close the book and breath.

Still, I hope that whoever opens it, can enjoy my work, and getting to know me a bit better.

A lot of stress was put in to it.


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