Collection: An overview from day 1

From the day the brief was given to us I was really excited about this project. I wanted to bind the book myself, and to make a beautiful case to fit it in.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 22.37.07.png

Time went on, we worked on grids, we worked on so many things related. We had a lot of time. I usually think I didn’t have enough time, but now I see I did. I started working on it too late. Partly was because I only have 1 day off combining work and school. So I do have a time limitation. But, I also take a lot of time to digest the brief, think about it, research, think a bit more… I’m very indecisive sometimes, and always start the projects with huge ideas I don’t know how to execute. And honestly don’t plan that far ahead, or follow the schedule given ( why is that?).

So with my time limitation and my hesitation to start the work, per se… I hadn’t finished any project when the collection brief was given me. I started to stress, panic actually.
How the hell was I suppose to do this? As I didn’t know, I didn’t start until things got really tight. And I just HAD to do it, or else I wouldn’t deliver anything worthy of being looked at….


Read about the development (an overview) on  post 12.


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