Collection: Images

To start this project I digitalised all images could and wanted in the book.
I think this was even more time demanding than the construction of the book pages.
I had to look in so many places for them. Collect images from 3 or more sketchbooks, do a million screen shots… select images from stop-motion videos….
I don’t even know how many images I have in the book, but its a huge amount. What really make me look back and reflect about the amount of work we all did this year. Its a lot.

About photographing the work for the book:

I have a lot of 2D work, so the best way I found to put my work in the book was to scan it.
But the 3D work we had from Neat had to be photographed. Honestly I couldn’t photograph all work in one go, for several reasons… and I also wanted to add old pictures from the process.
The workshop we had about photographing our work wasn’t helpful. We looked at still life photography, what was interesting for itself, but not relevant for this project. I understand that photographing  our work and photographing fruit can have the same approach, technique and theory behind it. But it would be way more interesting if we saw photographs of designed objects made with the intention of showcasing the objects for an exhibition, a website, a portfolio…





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