Collection: grid and layout

When I started thinking about the book layout everything was very clear for me. I wanted everything centred. Beautiful huge pages with 1 image in the middle, lots of white space. Then I started to actually make the book in Indesign..reality hit me. I started to notice the amount of images I had to put inside this book, the type of images I had to place in it..and all other details I only realised in front of Id.

So I tried to follow my initial idea as much as possible. But the book goal  is to portray my work, in an organised and sensible manner, so therefore the grid suffered a few changes.

I still got my white space, but in the title pages, so overall I’m happy with the end result. And even after proof reading it a billion times, I’m sure I’ll find at least one unpleasant surprise when I hold the printed version for the first time.



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