Collection: Dealing with Printing Shops

I was late with the development of my book. I only finished it today, exactly 10 days before the delivery day. So I though it would be best not to risk doing it online. So I went to a couple of printing shops I have close to my house.
The first one was the most frustrating place I’ve been in. I went there with a positive attitude and tried to communicate things in a very clear and proactive way.
I didn’t save my bleeding and crop marks on the PDF file ( had no idea about this detail ) so the guy looked at me and said   “No bleeding?” …. “And what about this? and this?” ….
I added the bleeding and crop marks ( I took my laptop with me, smart decision), and then asked if the smart guy could help me with the rest of the problems he identified.  But he was busy, but would be with me in a while…I waited and waited…and finally decided to go somewhere else…whilst I was on my way to another printing shop, there he goes by inside his Mercedes. Great customer service Call Print ( great portland street shop).

I went to the Instant Print W1, and a nice guy helped me a lot. He answered all my questions and doubts about the printing and binding process my work was about to go through. He checked my files and we talked a bit more… and we made a deal.

I heard about the bad relationship graphic designers and printers can have, and today I experienced it. The thing is, I’m not giving my money to a place where they don’t listen to their clients.

At the end of the day its our work,  its our money.



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