Movements: LetterPress workshop

The Workshop

Here are the best 2 outcomes. I think the first works well as an image, and the second can be used in parts, over other image. I have to think how Im gonna use them within the project. I think I’ll decide this one for last. I can impose it on any image, for the cover, the poster, or use it as one of the pages.

I think that, for us to develop the use of type as image, and get a good outcome, in this case using letterpress, we needed a lot more time. We did have the workshop with Sara, to work with type as image, and it helped me to think about it  in a more abstract way, but the processes where totally different.

Looking back,  I could have been mor experimental here, but the outcome does relate to the movement chosen. So, I’l try to work with it.

How the workshop influenced my final outcome



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