CIP : Kickstarter – research / reflection 1

Going through the Kickstarter website looking for products related to Neat was a hard task, since I stumbled across so many cool things, and got distracted from the task.

Analysing the Notebook and Sketchbook offers, I realised that, our Neatbook really could stand out.

The Neatbook USP is the personalisation feature. I’ve seen several notebooks with different pages, but none that allowed the user to choose the pages design, or cover.

Of course, now its just a prototype. We would need time to work on it. And I think for it to succeed we needed a strong service aligned to it. Good website with online sales, a subscription feature…then it could work.

I also realised that the stationery section is under CRAFT, and not Graphic Design. Major problem. Our Neatbook is handmade, but runs away from the Crafty department. That was something we set on meeting one.




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