Engage: New Story board

After working on Pastiche + walk through video for map of me + explainer video for engage + kinetic type video in the last few days, I feel like I need to redo the campaign video. To align it with the explainer video, because I shoot the campaign in landscape, and it should be on portrait. Theres no way I can place it properly on the screen I planed. And also, because I finally realised I need to add text to it, give it context etc.. better later then never.

I’m not sure it will be done by Monday, considering everything else I still need to do, but I’ll try.




Pastiche: Final video

So…I’ve been working almost the entire year on this project.

A lot of development hours, a lot of editing hours. I must say I’m very happy with the result.
And I enjoyed animating with stop motion. I think its simplicity and materiality produce really honest images. But at the same time, a good outcome can somehow look like magic.
I like it very much.
It even made me watch the Chicken Run film again. What was the first stop-motion film I remember watching.

Definitely my favourite individual project of the year.

Movements: Printing issues

I tried to print the outcome today at Britania and at Uni. Britania wanted 20£ to print a A2 double sided….since they don’t usually do it, they needed time to experiment and bla bla bla. .. SURE.
I’m really starting to hate print shops, this last few weeks have been filled with traumatic printing experiences.

Uni asked for 6£, but it looks awful. And to make it worse, as I was walking home the print got wet by 2 drops of rain and basically melted away. It’s like my work was wearing cheap make-up and started crying.

So, I’m glad I tried this today, so I can go print somewhere else tomorrow first thing in the morning to still make the deadline Monday.

I’m glad this project was short, and somehow we are managing to do it whilst finishing everything else, what gave this last few weeks an extra pump of adrenaline. Maybe the colour pallet had a bit to do with the stressful moment and environment I’m living in.

But overall I enjoyed working on it, of all the 3 engage projects. It was more connected to the real world and it had some manual work involved.




Movements: Outcomes explained

finallayoutfinallayout2I cleverly decided to open Hoffman’s Graphic Design Manual, ( that I bough last year, but only now reaaally had a good look at it.)

It was interesting to see the dots and lines evolving into concepts. It reminded how much I like to be amazed when looking at simple images representing complex stuff.


Images explained: ( first image – At the top, from left to right )

1.Circles, definitely influenced by Hoffman’s book. The circles fill a grid created by a piece of Swiss furniture I came across in my research.

2. The typographic composition in black is informed by the letterpress workshop, it used the layout created there, but instead of using the scanned and worked on Ai version, I recreated it from scratch digitally.

3. This layout is inspired by a concrete famous chair, by a swiss architect of the XX century. Also found in the research phase.

4. & 7, Screen print outcome, basically as it looks on the real world. Nothing done.

5. A design specifically for the cover and back, inspired by the layout workshop. Here I focused on the work done in posters, the classical 2 tones type, and a reflected image, to give a stronger emphasis on grid layout.

8. Poster: this image was made from a  print screen of the kinetic type video. The video is black and white, but I adapted the colours to fit in with the rest.


Movements: Final layout



Here it is, the final layout for the Movements project.
It was fun to generate all this outcomes in a short amount of time, to be away from the computer for a while and discover the workshops… But it was also interesting to get back to the screen and refine and alter the images.

I was a bit lost when the time to gather all workshops outcome came. I decided that I needed to look back at research, the Swiss style, and at modernism.

I took a bold step, ( at least for me) to use 2 bright colours + black.
I wanted to say:  Hey, modernist styles can look crazy, colourful. It’s not an old’s man thing. Helvetica is my chosen type, since its a huge legacy from this movement.

I’m exited to the printing process  and hope it adds something positive to this project.


Collection: An overview of development

The development of this project started very late, as I said on the last post.
I remember that by the time we had the photography tutorial, I only had work from the first dialogue project done. I had no idea about what to do with engage. As I said, I’m always running behind. Sometimes I don’t even know where I’m running towards. ( graduating for sure, but that’s how detailed it gets.)

I waited, and waited for something to happen. And it did, we receive the handout check list. ahah

I went home, gathered and digitalised everything I could, thinking it was a good start. It was a start for sure.

As a sat on from of the computer and opened Indesign to work on my master page, I realised my grid wasn’t gonna work. Since I had a lot of images, a lot of development, and later screen shots of videos.

I worked it out, made a simple grid, 3×3. Started adding pages just for the titles and descriptions, so I could have pages with only images…to make it look better I think.

Making 1 page with only one image is something I really enjoy. No words, no descriptions. Juts an image to enjoy. Without any attachment to context or reality.

Working on the setup to have 1 right hand side page with the title, and nothing on the back, was a hard task. The printing test I did at home was a disaster.

And after my talk at the printing shop (1) I was so stressed, I tried to make sense of the printing process…but gave up. I though I needed to let it go, everything looked fine before, I checked everything a few times.
So, when I went to shop 2, I asked a lot of questions, but didn’t ask to make a quick test, didn’t think of going back home, and doing another test, didn’t think of asking for help.

So, a few title pages are on the wrong hand side…after noticing this I decided to close the book and breath.

Still, I hope that whoever opens it, can enjoy my work, and getting to know me a bit better.

A lot of stress was put in to it.

Collection: An overview from day 1

From the day the brief was given to us I was really excited about this project. I wanted to bind the book myself, and to make a beautiful case to fit it in.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 22.37.07.png

Time went on, we worked on grids, we worked on so many things related. We had a lot of time. I usually think I didn’t have enough time, but now I see I did. I started working on it too late. Partly was because I only have 1 day off combining work and school. So I do have a time limitation. But, I also take a lot of time to digest the brief, think about it, research, think a bit more… I’m very indecisive sometimes, and always start the projects with huge ideas I don’t know how to execute. And honestly don’t plan that far ahead, or follow the schedule given ( why is that?).

So with my time limitation and my hesitation to start the work, per se… I hadn’t finished any project when the collection brief was given me. I started to stress, panic actually.
How the hell was I suppose to do this? As I didn’t know, I didn’t start until things got really tight. And I just HAD to do it, or else I wouldn’t deliver anything worthy of being looked at….


Read about the development (an overview) on  post 12.

Collection: Outcome


So, the book arrived. I noticed that a few details didn’t worked out.
It’s done, it was my first experience with such a large amount of work to edit and assemble. I could have done a few things more carefully if I hadn’t  really stressed about the deadline date.

There’s no way around doing as many proof printings as possible, until the outcome is as desired.
Also, it is fundamental to be prepared to deal with printing mistakes, ( money and time wise ).
I’m happy to went through this process, and learned so much. Mainly about organisation and planning skills.



Engage: campaign video

After revisiting the explainer video, I feel like I should do the campaign video again, But I suspect I don’t really have the time for it. Its a hard decision to make, what to spend my time in on the next few days. I have a storyboard defined, based on the stop motion I did,  what is already part of the work done. Now that I’ve worked on Ae and did a few films I’m happy about, I feel more confident to work on the campaign again.

It is always hard at the end of the year and look back and see how things could be different. But I guess I had a long journey with this project specifically, changing so many times the concept, I’m glad at least I was able to structure a campaign that makes sense to me and my work.


Engage: explainer video redone.

I thought my explainer video was done. But it wasn’t, and I get why. Its missing the final outcome in sitio etc. I’ve been running away from After Effects the entire year, from fear or lack of time. Or both. It’s clear that I’ve wasted a lot of time, and could have learned to use it way back. And I see how that would affect my projects outcome, but also development. Working with it in this last few days have been really interesting. And I really have to develop my skills further.

I enjoy making motion work, and have been working with stop motion so far, but the AE would take my work to another level of professionalism.