Movements: Screen Print prep

Today we had to prepare our stencil to screen print next week. To better utilise the medium and its visual outcome, I though of setting a few rules before starting to sketch:

  1. It has to be hand cutted, and for what I understand, the stencil  will get ink on it, so fine details might not be a good idea.
  2. Then, straight lines and geometrical objects looks better on stencil, since it is easier to cut it precisely.
  3. It is hard to get extremely precise stencil composition, or at least I know I’m a beginner, so I try to make things simpler. So, ink my overlap.but an intentional intersection can be a good thing, since theres a nice transparency involved, and the colours will mix.

To start I focused on working with type, I did a bit of a research, and theres so much contemporary posters following the swiss style using type, that I though I could do a more abstract composition.
So, I focused on grids again and the use of geometry. I though of the grid, and its negative space, squares or rectangles. How that can be boring, and how to create a grid that could work as an image. So, I created 12 different geometrical shapes with 4 sides each. I placed their centre in the intersections of a 3×4 grid…  each one of them is different, and now they compose a negative space of a unique grid.
The colours should be red / grey …but it is something I can easily change to accommodate   the inks available. The swiss style used a lot of black, white, red…but also have some really cool posters with a lot of bright colours mixed in.


Here is how the poster will ( more or less ) look like:




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