Map of me: initial development


My map will display 3 or 5 brutalist buildings, in a virtual, visual journey.
The focus on brutalist buildings is derived of the alignment of my thoughts with the modernist movement. (The idea came to me after my first visit to the Barbican, to see Bedwyr William’s exhibition at the Curve). ..But also from the preconception people have toward those buildings, for lack of knowledge about their purpose. I thought they where ugly once too. And, if someone as stubborn as me can learn, so can an eventual app user.

I plan on mixing photography with collage, creating bold colourful shapes, based on details found on those builds to warm up the viewer. Then the “plot thickens” and the building starts to reveal itself, the collage starts to loose space for  the photo.
I’ve decided to use collage because its a method that allows me to easily create the most simple shapes and alter them with much flexibility.



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