Map of me: final logo

I developed a logo before even started to create the app. So, when I started to design the screens for my chosen device, a smart phone,  I had a big problem with fitting a squared logo into a rectangular screen. It didn’t looked good and it didn’t fit and integrated with the rest of the app.

Initially, I was using the logo as buttons, to better integrate the visual identity into the app, but as I went along, that clearly wasn’t working. The app didn’t need those buttons, and at the logo didn’t work well as buttons, as it didn’t indicated clearly one direction.

I knew I had to integrate the logo better, since the reason for its existence was the branding of the app. It had to be something that could have a strong presence, without disrupting too much. But I think that what make me change the squared logo, that I liked and was constructed with strong connections to the  brutalist architecture ( squares and rectangles, bold big geometric shapes aligned and organised inspired by the Trelick tower double towers. But at the end, the logo shape had to be dictated by its use in the screen, where he would exist. Following a bit the shape follows function logic.
So I start to play around with the lettering of the squared logo, and how they could fit in a rectangle in a logical way.

Now the MAP OF ME lettering fits inside the rectangle, divided in two parallel rows.





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