Engage: Why I choose charity

We had a great and inspiring presentation by Grand Visuals to start this project. After the talk I started to think, what would I like to change? What social change would I like to see? Well, theres so much things needs to change.  I think anyone who asks themselves this question is up for longs hours of though and doubt.

First I though of the fashion retail industry, and the amount of clothing we produce, buy, throw away. Then the conditions in which people work, then the ecological impact of our way of living… then child labour.
I started to read about it, came across essays about it, from UN, several NPO…then I found Apps tracking which companies are being conscious, which aspects are good, or bad.

I noticed, that there are people fighting, trying to make a positive change all over the world. Studies are being conducted, even if we don’t realise, things are slowly improving.   And, if it wasn’t for our ability to gather into NPO, the efforts to change would be difused, and change would be much harder.

So, the idea to do a DOOH campaign for charities started to sound good. I had an idea that charities needed to update their ways into digital marketing, and I really don’t like the inducting-guilt TV campaigns, or the cold-calling system. So I decided to start researching about it, and see where I could take this.



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