Engage: Positive Development 2


Opening the sketchbook, reading my google slides and focusing on the essentials of my research and  my own ideas with honesty…without trying to imagine any visual outcome, was the best step.

I want charity to be a positive experience, the campaign…everything.
So I written POSITIVE in a A3 double spread, and made a map of key words

Share energy

think positive – > think charity
Do good – > feel good

All of these words helped me to guide the campaign from this moment forward. And it all started to fall into place. After weeks of not going anywhere, in one afternoon I had colours, slogan, movement …

What I’ve learned so far is… that I have my own working process. That I only start to identify, and that I need to respect it, so that I don’t waste so much time being lost next time.  I’ve also learned that, it is good to know how to use technology, but that the key concept and work should not be dependent on softwares or anything else besides what our own believes, informed by research and reflection.

Now I value my sketchbook way more.



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