Engage: my favourite DOOH campaigns – research

Netflix Valenties Day Special 

Netflix made a Valentine’s day special, and the Campaign is the story of how Santa Claus asked Michael Bolton help in order to increase the number of babies born until Christmas, to match toy supplies.

I like the campaign because it has a good narrative behind it, and the visuals bring humour, to a very tense date. Engaging beyond the typical valentine’s day fans.



Crust Pizza brings Beats to the Street:

This campaign is very interactive. It mixes touch with sound. And the persona is transformed into a DJ. Having fun whilst looking at pizza. Win win.

I noticed, that my favourite campaigns, DOOH or not, are the ones with humour, or a very light, and positive approach.

Off all the DOOH campaigns I came across on my research, the ones that truly captured my attention where for the interesting concept, visuals, or the positive feeling it left. Not how the technology was used, if it allows touch, or responds to movement, or eye gaze. I think is important to note that. Today, while the DOOH is a novelty, the use of technology as a artifice to call attention might work, but with the propagation of the DOOH, that will not work anymore. It will be harder and harder to stand out, as it is today with printed campaigns.


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