Engage: development on research

The initial research phase, was about the charities campaigns, and how they engage with donors. I came across to a nice marketing essay by the Gates organisation, that helped me to better understand the costumer behaviour ( in this case, donor behaviour). The different kinds there are, what brings each group to donate, and key aspects of their decision making in the donation moment, such as amount, choice of charity… But also clarified the relationship between the  charity organisation transparent, effectiveness and the donor willingness to donate.

At first, when I presented my idea for the class, the organisation transparency issue, where the money goes etc…seamed like a big deal. But after reading the essay, I realised that the emotional, values and social appeal influenced the donor behaviour much more than the organisation financial transparency and efficacy.

It was clear that my campaign should have a more emotional appeal. Than for example, portraying data about the financial success of the NPO.

So I realised, the ultimate goal was to “rebrand” charity.



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