Engage: Development – Explainer video

Click here for the youtube link (video with audio)






Video narrative:

“The aim of this project is to inspire social change in the local community. Considering the power of google products.

I choose to change how people perceive charity.

The first step was the research. And it was all about understanding donors behaviour, getting familiarised with charities campaigns, regular campaigns and what is going on on the Digital out of home sphere.

The development phase was long, and the hardest phase was to come up with a good concept, one that is aligned with my idea of charity.

The outcome is a serie of screens, focusing on positivity. How charity is all about that, and doing good.When the viewer is engaged through touch, he is already part of the change, and therefore, the charity rebranding has started.”


I needed to present a starter video, but the day before the presentation I didn’t even have a concept defined. So I opened the sketchbook and started to work.
I needed a story board for the campaign, and for the explainer video. I did the first one, did the videos explaining the campaign basic works…Using collage, paper and stop motion. Three image making methods that I control a bit better than Ae or Premier.
I believe that, as I was working on the explainer video, several ideas came along, for the actual campaign. It aloud me to explore a bit more the concept. And I will apply that new knowledge for the final campaign.





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