Engage: Positive Development

Last week I had a chat with Sara, I was working with concept S2, struggling to make the motions, and thinking about the words that would appear on the screen.

She recommended for me to focus on the actual word that would appear on the campaign, since I still hadn’t define them.
Taking time to think about that definitely helped me to clear  my mind. Focus on what was the core of my campaign. Take a step behind and go back to the sketchbook to see what happened.

After reading my google slides again, I realised that the focus of this campaign should be “Positiveness”, not coolness. Finally it was clear, since what I’m most adverse about the usual charities campaign is their negativity.

I really think that working on the slides + sketchbook has been confusing, and I should focus on the sketchbooks first, work  things out there and then do the slides, or open any software.




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