Engage: Research



I’ve started my research by looking into what NPO (non profit orgs) and how they do their campaigns. the printed ones or DOOH. To get a good idea of how they reach out to donors.
The majority is a guilt trip. Dying, sad children and animals. Celebrities looking very serious and concerned. It works to an extend as they get their money.
But trying to achieve a positive change through guilt and negativeness is not my style. The research definitely helped me to define that straight away. My work should hypothetically change the world with a positive dialogue.

The emotional appealing also drives a lot of people away, people who don’t think their money should be spend out of guilt, since most of us work hard and deserve to spend it as wished.
So, this first step helped to direct my work, as mentioned above.
As I deepened my research to written resources, journals, websites and studies,  I found out that technological resources were being badly used. Such as social media, fast payment methods and even  DOOH’s.  So, one thing that also needed to be changed is the technology approach, from campaigns to ways of collecting money.






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