Pastiche 1560: Narrative 3,the final one.

The research on S. Bass’s title sequences made me look into the Oceans Eleven film. I’ve watched it before, and really liked it. It was funny, clever and colourful, and really shows Saul’s characteristics.

The dots moving around were very entreating, and I decided to focus on that. How they form shapes, numbers and ….letters?  If there’s an opportunity to use type, I’m there.

I decided to work using the following words: Saul Bass / Pastiche.
The fun then began, and I hole punched coloured paper like crazy. Installed a stop motion studio, using a  : Clothes Airer + coffee table + 3 lamps + metal ruler + blue tack ….
Tip: If you want to get creative, never buy a tripod.

The result was very rough, but a big step forward towards the end.





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