Pastiche: the forgotten post

I can’t believe it, I wrote a text about my Pastiche video, but totally forgot to post it!
I can’t even remember when I wrote it… But finding it now was very handy.

Here it is: 

Saul Bass

He made posters, but not only.

Saul revolutionised the title credits.  Before him, they where the boring part that no one cared about.  After him,  the title credits became an essential part of each film, as they can narrate, present the film aesthetics and leave the spectator holding on to their seats anxious for their journey that’s about to begin.
His logos, most of them still used today, represent the essence of logo design, as they are the simplest forms and therefore easy to remember and utilise on vast media.

His work is minimalistic, atemporal.  They can be enjoyed today, and will be tomorrow.  As they do not have a expiry date, in my point of view.

That is the reason I choose him for this project.  I’ve researched for hours, tried to find a woman graphic designer, then someone less known, so that I could bring novelty to the presentation and to my colleagues. But at the end, I can only aspire for my work to be so simple and atemporal as he’s.  My goal as a designer (student) has always been those ones; simplicity, keep only the essential and nothing else and long-lasting aesthetics. I want to look back, and still like the work I produced now. Sure,  I hope to grow and develop but my work should reflect myself, the essential part, and that I believe people cant grow out of.

The video:

I want to gather my favourite work by Saul Bass in this video.  The narrative should display how simple everything can and should be.

Therefore the video image/sound/type should be simple, direct and concise.

The narrative is:  for anyone who’s watching, a simple message: keep it simple.

I like the collage, because I can have bold, geometrical shapes and still have the manual feeling, other than too digitalised.

Goal: represent his designs, in a series of mysterious images.  To make the audience guess who is it about. Hyde a few elements, and display other ones.
Message: Keep everything as simple as possible. By making the audience guess who the artist is, only using key visual elements, the simplification is clear.  Saul Bass work is great for this,  as he focus on shapes, geometry and bold colours.

Music? : Jazz, but also, only instruments, nothing too elaborate.

Type: Gill? or other sans, elegant, as geometric as possible. But also will keep it to a minimum.

Bye 🙂


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