Market Ready 1

I believe we started with the right foot. In the first meeting we made important exercise, to know our colleagues better, our likes and dislikes. In the first list or map these words appeared:


Some key elements of our brand where in fact defined that day, but we had no idea.
The decision to produce stationary and nothing related to Christmas was reached quite easily. Again, the first list was a great guide. I would highlight 3 key concepts:  Practicality, Modernity and Simplicity ).

On week 5 we decided on our USP as a group in class. We would assemble our main product, the NeatBook it in from of the customer and it would be personalised, as the costumer is able to choose between different covers and kinds of paper for the filing.

We also divided the work, as asked. I was in charge for the Finance a bit of Excel was on my way.

Between week 5 and 7 so much work was done. The entire branding, marketing campaign, production and finance…

I believe the end result was amazing. We worked very well as a group, and although there was converging ideas,  we were all able to let go and work towards the main goal.

See more about the logo on the next post!






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