Market Ready 2 : Logo

It took us a while to decide on the name, but once we did as it was expected we all had our ideas for the Logo.

In my point of view, the simpler the better. The idea of type inside the circle it’s not the best solution, since it occupies more space than the type alone would, reducing the font.  That makes the applications a bit trickier when the logo needs to be smaller. ( such as in favicons, receipts, and others ).

My initial suggestion for the idea of using Neat + ! was this one:


Negative and logo

The exclamation point separate, as logo mark and the Neat as logo type. With the possibility of using only one option to facilitate and increase visibility and for easy assimilation.


I decided to do some research for the logotype…on  manuscript type, since that was the group decision for the type style. I hardly use any script for any project, but enjoy drawing it. Since I’m a bit of a type+detail-freak, I never find any manuscript type good enough, + i worry a lot with the legibility issue.

I found a pretty good one, Variane Script, see the designer’s Behance here:  Boy Moch Tomi !

I definitely  needed a few alterations to suit our concept, so  I made a few alterations.. then Carlos made others. Here is the image to compare the 3 phases. Descending other: The (1) Type, (2)my alterations and (3) Carlos:


The changes are subtle, but very important. Carlos input was essential to give the fun, “neat” vibe, whilst given it a more composed look with the final touches.

Regarding the Colour Pallete, there are too many colours for me, what makes one of the blues completely redundant.. I would use only two. (+ black /white )
It is simpler and cheaper to stick to 2 colours (+ black /white ), reducing printing cost and maintaining a strong identity troughout  instead of playing around with too many options, spending money.

Besides some different ideas on the Brand Identity I might have,  I believe the Neat logo and branding  is good and I’ve learned to love it!

To finalise the post on the logo…I have quite strong ideas of what I like or don’t, although they can change within a short period of time, since the human mind is restless… But I  truly believe that at the end, the  result only gained with discussion and the input from all of us!

I look forward for the next part!
Bye 🙂






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