Dialogue Studio: The world is my grid 2 – Riso printer

Yesterday I was able to do something with the grid/ventilation images.
The exercise was to place a poem we should have written  wrote at the beginning of the year about London, on top a photo we took last week.
Since I didn’t write the Poem (sorry) and my experience with the grid was so frustrating the week before, I placed the phrase”beautiful ventilation” on top of the photo. As me saying  to it in an angry mood : “your beautiful, but your just ventilation”.
So I Riso-printed it with bold red!


The Riso printing process went quite well, the photo helped since I only slightly increased the contrast and adjusted the light/dark levels a bit.
This was a interesting experience, a good starting point with the Riso. I quite like the style it produces, so if I could add some images printed with riso to my Map of me project would be great. But we’ll see…

Bye 🙂


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