Creative Industry Practice: Pastiche1560Wayfinding Exercise

In this class we had to make a video that would help the viewer find his way in our labyrinth-type of a  building.
My group was assigned to do the video showing the way from the building’s entry door to our studio. I was on the editing team, so we had a brief workshop on AdobePremier whilst the others where taking photos of the building for us to then edit.
The time assigned to edit was very short, but we managed due to our capacity to work well as a team and this fact was crucial not only to finish on time, but also to produce a comprehensible/ enjoyable outcome.
The sound we added was a kind of serious/dangerous music… electronic hip-hop, a completely miss-fit that in this case generated a funny element ( at least to us). And it was
a key element to capture our colleagues attention, since the video objective was known, simple and repeated in all the groups.
This exercise was helpful as a starting point for the Pastiche, and was complementary with the exercise of watching La Jetée. The Way-finding exercise gave a push towards thinking about the practicality of the matter and what we are dealing with regarding the editing partWhilst La Jetée opened my mind to the fact that a photo-montage can tell a complex story very well, so the possibilities for our own pastiche-video are enormous.

Very enjoyable exercise, and what I’m loving about this year is the fact that I can see the point in the several tasks asked. ( Dialogue, CCS and CIP ).
These tasks have been guiding the learning and reflection towards the final outcome, what helps me to slowly build a “mental outline” of what the final expected project will look like. And for me takes part of the stress away, because I know I’m obtaining useful knowledge through the weeks.

🙂 Bye



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