Creative Industry Practice: Kyrle Simpson’s Pastiche

Kyrle chosen artist for the Pastiche project is his friend Andrew Trace. Andrew is a self-employed cinematographer, he owns his own company, called ART productions and usually does documentaries but his work is not restrained to this specific genre.  A Eagle in London, its a promotional video and  really caught my attention.  Here I can identity the artist style through Kyrle description. Andrew alternates dept of field images with very detailed ones. The result is so beautiful (I wish I could be an Eagle for a day : p)

I don’t know much about film production, but I think he has definitely a  recognisable style. This video is amazing, and I will for sure remember it.

Back to the Pastiche… using the artist’s style, Kyrle will do an inspirational video about Andrew, a short view of his day or his typical routine.

I really look forward to see his final outcome!
Good luck Kyrle 🙂


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