Map of me: visual identity



Here is the logo type + logo mark. I think the mark placing needs some work, since my goal is to use the mark alone, though the website, and the combo only at the  first pages. But I  the orientation of the mark can be tricky when used by itself…maybe it will change a bit.

When I started to think about the visual Identity for this project, I had the idea to search map symbols…
The “view point” symbol caught my attention immediately. It marks a place where you have a nice view.  But, it we invert it…its a point of view. Exactly what this project is about. London through our eyes.
Here’s 2 examples of the symbol:


I already decided that I’ll use Gill Sans as the main Type for the project. So, I developed a logo using Gill Bold and a simplified version of the viewpoint symbol. It’s only a starting point for the identity, but I like it.





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