Map of me: The beginning


(Photo taken by me at the architectural tour of the Barbican complex.)

This projects aim to illustrate my experiences in London.
I’ve been living here for about an year, before that I lived in Lisbon, Portugal and Florianópolis, Brazil. I only had been here twice for a few days before moving in. The city still surprises me, and I guess that will never change. My background, (city wise), although  from two different continents its very similar, the Portuguese culture, language, religion is rooted and was the pillar for Brazilian culture to develop by its own.
Moving here was one of the hardest and most positive decision I’ve made. I arrived without any practice with creative studies, in fact the last time I had art classes was a decade ago. I did not have a style, and only a brief understanding of what that was. I’ve studied business for 2 years before realising I needed something else. I figured it out, and packed my bags to join the madness.
In the first year I learn so much in CCS. It shaped how I looked at images and the world around me. Mainly, I felt in love with Modernism. Having a right-winged education at home, and being a former business student, I initially felt like I was falling into the socialist-communist cliché of the art student. But after some relfection  I understood what I liked about the movement: their interest in improving peoples way of living through design ( well, architecture..) And the mantra ” forms follows function” . It sounds very honest, straight-forward and even philosophical  to me. Every element has a reason to exist. I quite liked it, and made sense to me in a deep way. From that moment on I started to analyse every(building, advertisement, logo, magazine)thing … looking for decorative elements, or things that didn’t had a reason to be there…And slowly started build my taste and style in this big city.








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