Map of me summarised

My map will display 4 or 5 brutalist buildings, in a virtual, visual journey.I plan on mixing photography with collage, creating bold colourful shapes, based on details found on those builds to warm up the user.
I’ve decided to use collage because its a method that allows me to easily create the most simple shapes and alter them with much flexibility.I initially researched brutalists buildings in London as a starting point, to find out what is out there. I wanted to focus on galleries, or public buildings. But I would miss two important buildings, The Trellick and Alexandra road.

The buildings I want to show are:

  • The Barbican
  • Alexandra Road
  • South-Bank centre: the National Gallery / Hayward Gallery
  • Minories Car Park

On the Barbican the pictures are taken, they are enough to start on the collage process, but I might need some more refined ones for later.

Then, my research took me into looking at collages. From Edward Paolozzi’s colourful montages, to my favourite  Hannah Hoch. She used geometrical shapes and white spaces to emphasise her message and visual outcome in a cleaver way.

The Type I’ll use its Gill Sans (bold or semibold)  since its from the early XX century, and fits quite well into the aesthetics of the buildings and the app in general. I believe Gill also shared a few thoughts to the modernist movement. ( See his book on typography )


I have done sketches, but haven’t developed too much so far. I’m putting this  on hold for strategic reasons, since we have other projects going at the same time. But will resume it later on this week.





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