Blog Title: Dialogue Studio: Applied Arts Marathon

Unfortunately i missed the morning when the brief took place, so I guided my work on the printed brief only.

I started searching a definition for beauty on a dictionary
Beauty: Combination of qualities (colour, shape and form ) that pleases the aesthetic senses. Especially the sight.

Aesthetics: A set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty. 

After some reflection I think beauty is  a combination of qualities that each person/society perceives as being aesthetic. Each person/society as a set of principles that will influence the perception of beauty and I think they are deeply connected to important believes and values.

In order to change aesthetic values of individuals we have to change their believes first. At first I though that would be nearly impossible to change that in a city/country/continent…But then, I watched a Ted video , by Kelli Jean, “enough with the fear of fat”.
The video is about how fat people are perceived. We,( italic: to point that I hope those who read this can reflect further)…We perceive that fat people values aren’t aligned with the ones of a good person living within our society ( hard-word, self-control, and some ability to discern about their image). Therefore, fat for us is far from beautiful. But Kelli show us how actions can change perceptions…slowly. She’s involved in several organisations with the goal of expose fatness on the public sphere, specially in the artistic community. I think that the participation of fat people on our media would make people more familiarised and the acceptance would change gradually. Today if most of us saw a person on tv or major hollywood film with the average weight of the UK (for example) we would perceive that person as being bit overweight “not hot”. Isn’t that crazy?

Further more, I’ve done some posters about films and the self-portraits and here they are:

The self portrait is a series, that show 3 Key aspects of my personality : though, strength and interest in knowledge.


It was surprisingly easy to make the portraits, and I’m happy with the results.
Regarding the posters, its a different story. I had quite a hard time making them, and only finished two, but have 3 more in the oven. I think I needed to see the films now, reflect, take notes… etc. Its a project I have to revise later with more time.


The concept and making of the Forrest Gump one was easy. The film for me is about life constant changes, opportunities and randomness, and how wonderful that can be sometimes. So, the obvious choice was the feather that appears in the first and last scenes.
The City of God is a mix of 2 elements, I started with the outlines of a traditional Brazilian brick, that is commonly used exposed in humble constructions. The brick is a key component of the favela visual identity. But then, the shape started to look like something else for me whilst looking into the screen at the Ai sheet… and it became a gun focus. It surprised me how similar they look. ( See the brick pic bellow.)



These are the outcomes and reflections for the applied arts marathon. Its not a large number of outcomes, and the processes used where collage and digital. Th posters  using other processes like mark-making, drawing and photography are conceptualised and sketched on my

Bye 🙂



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