La Jetee: by Chris Marker

La Jetée made in 1962, by Chris Marker (1921 – 2012:  writer, photographer and film director) is a short film entirely ( except for the scene where the lady sleeps) made with photos, sound effects and narrative.
We can learn from this photo-montage film is that sound and photography/image can tell a story as well as video can, if  successfully edited and thought throw.

I don’t know how many images he used in total, but it might be an enormous amount. Each scene is very detailed, the camera location changes relatively to the actors several times in each chapter segment. This offers different visual perspectives, more  information about the history, and sometimes aligned to the sound can suggest the viewer  to pay attention or to reflect on some subject.
Another thing he does that I find very interesting is how he puts us in the character place through the photography. Ex: picture of lady looking to her side on the park, followed by photo of a old wooden door. We know she’s looking and watching something with interest + we see what she is seeing through her perspective, and also get a more detailed picture of the park! With 2 pictures!

I’m not an expert but I think Marker knew how to manipulate his images and combine them with sound very well. This is a very complex story and I didn’t miss any moving images. I believe that the photo-montage can be even more powerful than the traditional film because it is able to instigate the imagination. Although theres much information in the images, some details and connections are left for each individual to build in his/her mind.


Bye 🙂



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