Dialogue Studio: Barbican visit

I went to to the Barbican…

Bedwyr Williams: One of the “most exciting and innovative artist of the contemporary arts world” has an installation at the Curve space.
The installation is a series of different spaces that have as a goal to “desorient and transport”.  “Physical and methaphorical twists and turns guide us on a journey through the gallery, manifesting William’s curious and often subversive inner dialogue. “

I believe I didn’t quite get the idea. I understood it was confusing ( and i think its suppose to be).
I guess I missed a few rooms for lack of guidance signals, a simple map, or even list of rooms to see. There was a lovely lady that alerted me that there was several rooms and the last one should have a door clearly marked as exit, but she didn’t help that much. I’m sure I’m not the first one confused, or else she wouldn’t be there.
So, I’ll write a bit of the small portion I’ve seen.
I enjoyed very much the Spoon 5. Its a narrative + object being exibited
He narrates a story, about a restaurant /café where the spoon belonged, how the place blowed up, and why the spoon was still more or less in one piece. The story is quite funny and the narrative clear. I could easily imagine scenarios in my head. I believe that Bedwyr’s accent and voice had a big influence on how I perceived the ambient of the restaurant, and the characters. But also the spoon itself added a lot. The bright-blue wooden-spoon guided the visual imagery going on in my head.




The next space was a dark conference room with a  video narrated by the artist, but pretending to be a lazy-looser-hipnotist. The images/sound where very subversive. It was a mix of poor quality home video + fractals (how I dislike those) + melting purple faces. Argh! What a mess. The sounds of the neighbour screaming interrupted the narrative…
And it was suppose to be relaxing (now I get the humour).

The third and last room was a running track, with huge (IKEA) shelves hanging from the high sealing, and lost sneaker.

After that I went to see Zarah Hussain’s work, very cool technology and effects. But I should started with her work first. The Gulch was just too much.

I know we should be very reflective in this posts, but this time was very hard to get a grasp.  So…I have a scheduled visit to the Barbican, but this time with a bit more research on my sleeves.

And this post is …⌈to be continued⌉…




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