Title: Dialogue Studio: Armin Hofmann

Armin Hofmann, (1920) is a swiss graphic designer. His work was key to shape and expand the Swiss Style. He started studying lithography and begin his career as a teacher, with typography. He spend most of his life in the academic environment, first as a teacher then heading the Basel school of Design.
The swiss style was parallel to modernism in architecture and shared important values.
The designers adept to that style had as main goal to communicate above all. As “form  follows function”, their work was restrained by that, and the style is slim and focused on the content, every element had a reason. ( no decoration here, please).
Hofmann’s posters are defined by the use of tree elements: point + line + shape; economy of colour and type ( mainly sans-serif, what definitely aligns with the goal of keeping the essential only, even in letters.)
Today, several of his posters feature in art galleries.
Heres some of my favourites:


I end this post ordering ” The graphic design manual” by Hofmann.
I think its still very relevant..we’ll see. I believe that (although it is a re-edition)….old books about graphic design keep the message more simple and clear, we just have to filter a few bits, but also helps us understand how the old-school designers saw the changing coming their ways..( and knowing how things evolved, makes it fun for me.)

Bye 🙂



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