Dialogue Studio: Lorena G

Note for everyone reading this: this post is about Lorena G the designer, not the most famous on google.
Lorena is a graphic designer living in Barcelona ( ah, how I miss the Iberian summer…well, summer.)

She loves geometry, bold colours and top-notch vectors and is specialised in attention to detail, accordingly to her website.

First I though she was involved in the Grand Budapest Hotel design, but she wasn’t. Her related illustration work was a tribute to the film aesthetics. She transformed several visual elements into flat design illustrations. That in my opinion are quite representative and well made. I believe there should be a touch of contrasting bold colours involved , but that’s my humble opinion.

What caught my attention to her work was the film illustrations, but she has so many fantastic works in her Behance! Here’s a link for a project she made with google. I’ll not post the pictures, but the ending…that is too cute to miss.

Here’s some of the film illustrations: ( and after the images the post ends, so no need to scroll to infinity).

( Random: She also sells several things on society6). 





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