Nik Hill: His journey and his work

Nik Hill @nikilldesign  its an Art Director, 3D artist, Illustrator and works with Motion Design as well. He have been working at Territory for the last 3 years, but also have a few solo projects going on and had a few exhibitions at the Red bull Studio London and Weapon of Choice Gallery.

Going throw his Instagram I could see his journey. Initially he had work with a lot of strong colours, graffitis and geometrical shapes. The first image above is from the RedBull Studio and I think it represents well the kind of work he did 186 weeks ago hehe.
Then we have the Dear necklace, done with 3D printing technology and is one of his newest projects.  I like it so much, its a mixture of a natural element + geometric forms, looks very polished without being boring and although modern, doesn’t have a geeky feeling to it. The web site called twenty Third C, where he sells them is amazing due to the animations. These create an unique atmosphere for the website… the user gets involved in his world and its almost like a “set” of a modern jungle where the lovely dear lives. Check it out.


I got to meet him las week at Uni, he is a LondonMet alumni and came to talk to us last week, he showed us some of his work, current projects…etc. He talked mainly about the animation stuff for Avengers etc…which isn’t my cup of tea..but clearly he is successful and does very good work. He also seems to be a very down to earth person, he told us about  his struggle to start working “in the industry” and how he devoted his full time and attention to reach his goals. One of the key things he mentioned was that with each new project the artist builds his brand, and how one job pulls you into another, if of course the previous outcome is good 🙂

Was very interesting to meet him, I usually don’t follow the animation works so closely, but definitely could be more attentive to that side of design.

Bye 🙂


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