Dialogue Studio: Stories, Concepts, Tone of voice


Tuesday we had to go out and interpret the city through several processes, photo,mark-making, live-drawing…. The objects of study where buildings, people, type, sounds and smells.

Bellow are the two images I chose to develop further. First is a sound made visual, through mark-making, then I remade it with collage…and edited a bit with Ai. Its very simple, but I liked the aesthetics. Simple, bold and geometrical.

The second one, was a close-up photo of a building, then re-interpreted as a collage. Every time I looked at it, a labyrinth came to my mind, so i tried to organise the shapes to look like one… and for me this image is now a metaphor for the city. ( brick-labirinth ). At the end I felt like adding some text to give it a purpose, and with the title I think it looks like a book cover :).


Ambulance sound – Mark making


Collage from tile photo – transformed into “The labyrinth”


Here’s the initial sketches/photos/collages :




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