Dialogue Studio: Emma Mcnally

“Her drawings are often associated with mappings of geological formations and constellations. They appear to be the result of scientific readings yet they have been made intuitively.”  The Drawing Sweet 


Emma does abstract drawings with graphite, they often look derived from a map, or a link between something, they are very intriguing. But actually, as the Drawing Sweet writher says, they are …intuitive. There is nothing behind them given them a meaning, or nothing to be connected. I found this website, Art Forum where they have a great article on her.
Emma says “They are the turbulence between noise and signal”. Then she explains a bit of her process, and what inspires her. She enjoys looking at aerial photographies of cities at night, airports and Nazca Lines. As I imagine those images, I can clearly see the relation and connection with her work. Music, or sounds play an important part in her process, as she tries to be a “human seismograph” and interpret the music/sounds trough her drawings.

For me they look quite disturbing, in a horror-filme kind of way. I always remember the typical sociopath that traces their victims on a huge map on the wall of his parents basement. Or even a work of a conspiracy theory freak.
…So, at the end her work does have a strong impact….

Bye 🙂



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