Map of me: Us two

Two childhood friends, joined by the passion to create awesome products.
They develop digital products (+services and business, according to the website)… apps..and work with major brands.

At the beginning of the video they won me by saying that they want to do work for the world to see, “not small cool stuff”. Congratulations on the honesty about their goals and not being afraid to show they are after success and money.
I also noticed that they feel the need to build a positive work environment, and look for people they enjoy working with. I’m all for that. Life’s short, and work take most of our time.
Going throw their blog posts I realised their are super engaged, and the passion shows throw their work. Also the posts are very elucidative and it shows their commitment to “design to make people feel special” as they say in the video.

They made one post about it is the Pause app one, which is an app with the goal to relax the user through some Tai Chi practice. You have to move your finger slowly to guide a blob, that looks like a ink stain. The “main” blob eats tiny blobs that are around it, and gets bigger! There’s some relaxing sounds..birds and ocean…  You have to do it for a set amount of time ( your choice)…and that will relax you. To be honest, it does…at the end I end up buying it, and here’s a screen shot:


Beyond liking what the app does, I also like the aesthetics, and plan on following something similar for my own “Map of me”app.


Footnote: The whale game is extremely annoying (but I’m not a game person). 



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