Blog Title: Dialogue Studio: Prototyping

Friday we started with the “Dialogue prototype sheet”, which is a A3 paper with several phone layouts, where we should draw more or less a user journey for an app that would show the work done Tuesday. It should portray a narrative, using our images. This part for was harder for me. I don’t have a clear narrative in mind yet. But I liked the talk  from”nicer tuesdays” and how the game developer of Monument Valley approached the hole narrative aspect. He wanted a simple story, more or less like a music video. Short and concise…Those two features make it easier for the user to be engaged until the end, thus the experience being more intense.


The information missing in the paper is regarding colour and type. But I know that I’ll use a sans-serif and few colour, because the drawings are quite colourful, even the line-drawings are very I will balance it a bit. The sans-serif choice is due to the non-formatily of it all. There isn’t any long text, and the project “context” will always be the screen…its a good set for a geometric/mono-spaced sans-serif.

The end


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