Creative Industry Practice – week 2/3

Last week we started to learn a bit about logos, as a first introduction to branding.
We answered a few questions about ourselves (strengths, weakness, favourite colour..etc) and used the answers like a brief to develop a logo. We made a few sketches and decided on a “final” one.

This week we did a mood board for that questions/logo development and applied the logo into a simple stationary set.

So, I developed a logo. But I don’t believe I’ll be sone working with it so soon. Here’s a mock-up ( a freebie 🙂 showing it applied to a business card:




Actually, I’ve used this logo, or a version of it, last year in my final portfolio, and didn’t felt weird using it… So its promising! I created it with some tape and rests of paper I had from the binding I did for the portfolio. (That, my friends will cost you tones of paper until you get some experience and insights about the entire process.)
I had a logo before that I really didn’t didn’t feel right. This one does. I know is a common place to use the letters of our names for our logo…but typography is my world, where I feel most comfortable and truly find enjoyment. So even if my logo changes on the future, I’m sure it will be type related.

Here I have a few sketches of a few letters as logos I did today: I was thinking about developing it further, but I don’t think I have the time with all the projects and work. ( But I’ll try to relate this to something. Since we never have any typographic project per se. ) Very sad true story .


That’s all folks.



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