Abram Games

This presentation given by Naomi Games was extremely interesting, for several reasons. First of all, how didn’t i know about Abram G. before? Major revealing moment… I have my head stuck in the sand ( just a bit ).
Second, before the talk started I googled him, so I could have a bit more information and also to enjoy and maybe learn more during the talk. The quick research showed me a big part of the work Naomi later showed us, but obviously I could understand it better and truly appreciate the posters due to her.
This made me think about the importance of presentations when delivering a piece of work.
Basically she started telling us his story, his family, origins…childhood stuff… And then she added the work to the presentation and showed them through a chronological order, while using his life as the background and leading tread. It was very engaging and easy to follow.
As a tech-native, 24 years old young woman I liked some of his work…others not so much. But I believe that his posters showed his personality, his willingness to be a pioneer, to do what he tough was best. And those characterises are atemporal, and make every piece of work valuable in my perspective.

Off all the war posters, my favourite was these ones, for a simple reason.. My grandparents where paratroopers (one of them a nurse), and my father always wanted to be one, but couldn’t for health reasons.
I always tough of them as being adventurous, courageous.. some sort of heroes… And I’m proud and happy to be able to know them.
I believe one day I’ll jump, and will remember this one while in the air (hehe).


The posters aesthetics evolved, and also did the technology… and I definetly appreciated more  his work  due to being colourful and playful. Amongst them:


At the end of the talk, she told us that her father always advised designers to have the 3 C’s:

  • Courage
  • Concentration
  • Curiosity

Although simple in theory, hard to live by on a daily basis. Those 3 C’s are stuck in my mind since and for sure I will try to follow the advice.



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