Reflect 140 – Matthew, John and Wim

After watching these 3 videos l, I believe the main message is about learning. Mathew is all about type, and he guide us throw a journey of his life, his learning from technology evolution, how the process of creating can be so important as the creation itself. 

John is extremely smart and a computer geek. He used his knowledge of complex subjects to create “simple” and humorous pieces. Or at least is how he made me look at them. 

Wim has young eyes and talks with enthusiasm about his life, that he’d seen, what  were some of the main influences in his work. At the end he gives emphasises on how he believes that everything afect us and our projects somehow. Even trying to avoid it, we are all continually changing. 

These were three great talks, all super interesting and smart. They were able to communicate their ideas in a simple and interesting way. Very enjoyable and educational! 


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