Heather’s studio


When we arrived at the place, the only one there was Heather, she welcomed us with her usual smile and warm attitude. Straight away she was answering a few questions that popped and started showing us some work she was doing. It was all very informal and nice.
The space looks like it was suppose to be a small shop or coffee shop, has two big windows and a glass door. The size of the studio gives a cozy feeling to it, and when you enter you know whats is going on around. The walls are plain and white. I realised that there was only 2 or 3 works and images hanging…and honestly I found that refreshing. At a certain point when you’re in a espace for too long and you have to stare at the same work over and over, it kind of looses its meaning, like when you repeat a word too many times.

One of the reasons, besides that they don’t feel the need of having work exposed, as decoration or for inspiration, is that they sometimes have exhibitions happening there. Some of them are from friends and colleagues that need the space. As Heather answered when asked about the ethos of the studio: “We help each other”. It is a collaborative space, but the work is individual.

We can see several items exposed, boxes filled with camera equipment, a cabinet filled with boxes of photographic paper, all labeld, containing Robin Rodriguez work..and Heather’s negative are all organized in another. According to her, its a very functional space, its all at hand, and this feature makes the work process easier.
The space is shared with two more artists (Robi and Monica), another photographer and a illustrator.

The visit gave me an insight on how creative people can work, what a studio can be…ather than the usual “big-studio-office”. I also got to know Heather’s work, and I was so happy for that. When we had her as a teacher last year, only for a day or two, we didn’t got to know her very well. My favourite work, in general are the portraits…but her “Renoir” is something! The photo was taken while she was volunteering at the Calais refugee camp. We got a change of looking at it, (the huge printed version) at The Print Space later that morning. The photo follows:



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