Michael Druks, his map and a lesson.



Michael Druks, ‘Druksland’ 1974


Michael Druks face is turned into a map in this Offset lithography.
His goal was to use an universal language to describe himself, his characteristics.
But I can see here a description of any man, therefore in a way, this is a simple image of any human.
As a regular map, this one absorbs a great amount of information and portraits it in a simple guide, but only the most significant information. It leaves behind everything worth seeing, the landscape, the flowers, the buildings, the people living there, and their culture. Here we can’t form a clear image of the real man, the color of his eyes, the wrinkels, the spots… the size of this nose. Where is he from, his origins, culture? ( long/short hair, beard?)
It is a guide but at the same time a teaser for our curiosity. After seing this man’s face map, I can only think about seeing his picture to satisfy that curiosity.

Through this piece of art, the human is as much as a subject of a map as the earth. This individual lost all his traits when he became a “map”, but they are all there at the same time. We can only see him as a fellow human, so it is easy to relate. We can’t  access any information about his background or personal choices, in this way we can’t judge those aspects. And shouldn’t we be able to see through all that by now?


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