Illustrations by Jessica

Jessica (,

is a Portuguese Illustration student here at London Met, she arrived to London about 5 years ago..and now her second year is about to start!
While I write my questions I can see she looks forward to answering them… :p
Her work reminds me of classical comics, but in a very soft detailed way with great technique. There is some examples of her work through this post.


( Enjoy the gif above that Jessica herself made for this post! )

Here follows our conversation:

(Myself, Tati) T: When did you realised you wanted to work with art?

(Jessica): J I’ve always known. When I was a small child my cousin, who draws very well, thought me. My mother also always took me to her art classes and workshops.

T: How did you realised Illustration was your choice?

J: I’ve experienced several fields of arts in school, while still in Portugal. There I discovered my passion for drawing and specially creating characters. One of them, was an illustration project for a children’s story, and that was my favourite.

T: How moving to London influenced your work?

J: It opened my mind. The way I look into art has changed a lot. I was a bit closed to only draw, but in the first year we developed so many different projects. I never imagined myself doing such a variety of work.

T: If you could chose a project to devote your time to, what would it be?

J: I would love to illustrate a children’s story.

T: Where or who do you get your inspiration from?

J: I get a lot of inspiration from my mother and boyfriend (very artistic persons as well). I do a lot of research for any project I do, and get inspired by the work I find out there. More specifically I like to follow Miss Led’s work.

T: What was your favourite piece of work you develop so far?

J: I liked my Memories Collection. It was a series of illustration I did based on several of the most important photographs of my family, loved ones… life.


We can see clearly her work evolution in this two pieces of work, (the children’s book and the memories collection), And I’m sure that this year we’re going to see some great projects again, and be positively surprised!

Best of luck to all of us!




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