The Last post?



I just went through the blog, and only now realised how many projects we’ve done in this year. It felt more like a semester, because it went so fast.

.. Now nostalgia hits..

All the work is resumed in this picture, the bag, the computer and the portfolio..

By the way, I haven’t mentioned here the bookbinding workshop that I went a couple of weeks ago. I really didn’t had any picture to show…because my work at that day was so BAD. I’ve never saw a most horrific “binded” thing. But the portfolio was hard work and worth the other monstrosity.


Concluding, it was a great year and I’m happy, hoping to start the second year soon!

Here comes the summer!
See you tomorrow 🙂


100 briefs



This post was late!
I reeeally enjoyed it, had a lot of fun doing it. Looking back at it and analysing my drawings I’m glad I’m not an illustrator, or I would starve. I think they are very childish, and I would like to improve it further. Since the beginning of the year I feel like I developed somehow, I have more control of what my hand does, especially when drawing letters.

I haven’t read the whole project, but I’m sure that when the time comes, I will have something to laugh  about.


3D Poster


How I didn’t like this project….but I guessed I learned something. I’m such a positive person!
I think collecting things out on the street and then making something out of it was cool, it made me realise that we can reutilise several materials, but still, we needed several others to make it work. Arts, design, craft…  ends being so expensive because of all the materials, tests that don’t work… choosing the wrong materials…
It was interesting, we definitely had to be creative.





Utterly Moving

After so many technical problems, here is the video and a few pictures.
This project was inspired by the film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.
A phrase had much impact over me, and its a short one. But allows so much thought and imagination. “What if”. The contemplation of the infinite possibilities that we have is translated here. A day is a small fraction of our life, whilst being all that we have. This video has the objective to make the viewer think about how random and great life is, what you can do, so many great (small) things.